Friday Rex | April 12, 2013

If you want some heart-feelings in your reading, check out Terence Lane’s PTSD in SmokeLong this week.

And, at The Rumpus, there’s Ben Tanzer’s essay, RACE MATTERS – racing, dashing, speeding up, slowing down, slowing, going.

New Squalorly issue up with this story, HOW MEN SMELL, by the SDL-favorite xTx:

He knows you’re slow cuz you’re a girl and you are the younger sister of your older brother that he came to see but
settled on you because you were there and familiar and he—you can tell—is lonely and you don’t know
this yet but he can smell the woman growing inside you that’s trying to make its way out and he is a
moth like that.

Also in Squalorly, Robb Todd’s IS WAS is a great thing:

No divorce is nice and he and his still-wife are already fucking others. They have minus-one child. If you have a child and the child dies, you do not have zero children. Imagine a line drawn by an architect. Many lines. All straight with angles from intersection. Lines that depict sexual intercourse. This hangs on their wall and is their custody battle.

Gene Kwak does up some Macho Man goodness in the new issue of Noö Journal this week with NEON GOD FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE. Check it and the rest of the issue out.

Kima Jones’ poem in the 30-poets-in-30-days Tumblr – 30xLace – is pretty great: FRESH:

i learned the hum of bees
and grandparents
threatening whippings
my legs
my arms
hand across the face

That’s it. Great stuff this week. Read. Go watch some baseball. Root for the Tigers. Drink some beer.