Friday Rex | June 14, 2013

New iO out this week with a great couple of poems by Anne Cecilia Holmes – MODES OF LIVING I FAWN OVER BUT BRACE FOR WINTER and INTRODUCING FOR THE LAST TIME. From Modes of Living:

                            It feels like
standing outside a collapsing
factory and thinking about
Antarctic France. It’s like
moving through a doomed
sequence of going
to the movies without

NEW Stoked V out featuring some great work by Melissa Broder, Heather Christle, and Issue Three contributor Carrie Murphy. Matthew Burnside burning it down this week with 3 MICROFICTIONS at Literary Orphans (a beautiful lit mag).

Also, there’s “In Japan There Are Crows as Big as Bicycles and All the Girls Are Blue-Haired Nymphets in Sailor Skirts Quivering for Tentacle Love: An American’s Brief but Indispensable Guide to the World at Large.” at The Molotov Cocktail.

Mary Miller, a favorite of mine, has this great essay on boredom with writing and short stories and personal hurdles at Hobart. Do we promote enough Hobart stuff? Or, too much? Because, they do so much great. I just can’t stop.

Over at Paper Darts, SDL favorite Lindsay Hunter has this piece, LIKE:

Some of us have dreams that, like, we’re carrying the others of us on, like, our shoulders because, like, the others of us are, like, dead, and, like, foom we drop the bodies, like, into this big fire and, like, there goes the hair there goes the eyelashes there goes the, like, perfect Disney princess wrists but, like, I’m sure the others of us have, like, the same dream because, like, they want to watch, like, our ankles and tans and, like, our thighs burn until we’re just, like, meat, so it’s, like, we get each other.