Friday Rex | July 26, 2013

Issue Three contributor Sam Martone has a great story called “Coyote Girl,” about a woman that turns into a coyote, up at the lovely Treehouse this week:

Don’t get me wrong: I like to touch the smoothness of her head now, press my whole palm to it. I want to be there when it turns prickly, then downy soft. When it gets long enough again to tug.

SDL friend Sophie Rosenblum is a featured writer over The Knox Writers’ House this week. Listen to Sophie read some of her work.

J. Bradley has a new poetry chapbook out, PORN FOR THE BLIND. You can also see the trailer – with a cameo by SDL’s fearless leader – here.

Beautiful excerpt of Amber Sparks’ novel-in-progress at Atticus Review!

And, a moving, important piece at The Awl – RAPE JOKE by Patricia Lockwood.