Friday Rex | January 17, 2014

There’s a new issue of The Collagist out this week and there’s this story, TERRIBLE LIZARDS, in it, by Meghan McCarron. Also, in The Collagist, read this pantoum, WITH NOTHING TO BURY, by Maria Isabelle Carlos.

Caroline Crew has a new poem up in WordRiot – CAROLINE WHO WILL YOU PRAY TO NOW THAT YOU ARE DEAD: SAINT RITA. Also in Word Riot is Cody Ernst’s BARN PAINT or Jacqui Germain’s Quentin Tarantino.

GAMES Issue guest editor Brian Oliu has another wrestling lyric essay up at mojo: ON RAZOR RAMON ENTERING THE RING FOR THE FIRST AND LAST TIME:

If we are to speak of ends cut short, here’s something: while waiting for the bus, I would double girls over and flip them up over my head—shoulder blades resting on the back of my head, arms outstretched like a crucifix, like I am carrying the Lord in the form of a hundred pound teenager: one of the poor ones, the ones with the jeans with words and symbols written on the thighs, pictures I wish I could trace with even just a finger—yet this is where all things are lost at that age: with delicateness, with deliberateness. We are all going to fall some day—the most we can hope for is that we fall forward into something beautiful, something lavender.

Keith Rebec’s been making noise in the last few months with some gritty fiction & nonfiction. Here’s another, over at Necessary Fiction – IN THE DEAD AIR OF AUGUST.

New issue of TriQuarterly, complete with cinepoetry by Martha McCullough – WAR MOVIE. Other poems from the issue: CHERISH by Timothy Liu, THINGS GO SOUTH by Amy Woolard, and Chelsea Wagenaar’s SWIFT PERPETUA:

just unearthed in fossil form, winged,
doubled, held in stone for as many years
as particles of dark rush through you now.
Each body is half a wing

As always, the new issue of JMWW is great. Matt Fogarty has a new story in there – TONTO RIDES A BUS TO VISIT HIS MOTHER-IN-LAW, WHO IS DYING FROM CANCER:

Never thought of him as a real son, told him so every time they met. All it was since he got here: stay with her; hold her hand; touch her forehead; say something soothing. Like he’s some sort of medicine man.

Ben Tanzer edited the new issue of Banango Street and it’s lovely. Here’s a new story from Justin Brouckaert – CHRIS BOSH WILL HOLD YOU TIGHTER.

Aaron Burch, editor of Hobart, has a new poem after Kanye and Wu Tang over at Big Lucks – FAR FROM THE HUDSON.

And, finally, in the new PANK, there are 3 poems by Sam Taylor and 2 poems by Alexandra Reisner.