Friday Rex | January 24, 2014

Hello again, from the Friday Rex information desk. There are some great reads for your Friday, so let’s get to them.

There’s AN ODD BIRD by Shani Boianjiu in Guernica:

“Crazy—let me tell you, you can’t catch crazy, it’s like lady-bugs crawling in the blood. But we need to ignore people like that. You’ll see even Yam is going to not only come, but also tell her mother she had the time of her life at Amal’s birthday party.”

There’s a new STOKED issue hot off the proverbial presses, so get to it. Here’s Daniel Beauregard’s poem from HELLO MY MEAT. Also, there’s Feng Sun Chen’s SOMETHING IN ME HAS DIED.

The always-lovely Brevity has a new issue. Here’s Heather Sellers’ BREATHLESS.

Justin Marks has a new poem, UNTITLED, in the new Ampersand Review. Also, Nick Flynn’s AQUARIUM:

& we’d watch each other move over & through them

& they, moving, watched us, a dim light buried in

the ceiling far above us. Sometimes I’d catch Mary’s

eye, but not my Mary. It wasn’t as bad as you might


Anya Groner’s sentences weave beautifully, getting inside you as if sung in a lullaby. Here’s WHERE SISTERS COME FROM.

The great Kevin Wilson has a new story over at Vol. 1 Brooklyn – NEVER ENOUGH.

New online issue of Ninth Letter is great. Here’s Doug Paul Case’s AUBADE WITH BRAD PITT ON A TRACTOR.

And, finally, you most likely need some trout fishing in your day. Here’s Cameron Pierce’s SHORT OF LUNDY, over at Hobart.