Friday Rex | February 21, 2014

Hello! What do we have this week? Well, first, you should obviously read Issue Five of Sundog Lit. That’s a must.

Next, there’s a new Better out and it has THE MILLWRIGHT by Jennifer A. Howard. Also, there are these 3 poems by Catie Rosemurgy. You can also play POET: THE GAME.

A new Word Riot dropped this week. Issue Five contributor Sara Biggs Chaney has 2 poems you can hear her read. Also in WR, Moriah Cohen has NARRATIVE SUBMISSIVE TO ITS ENDING:

                                         We gave him
a bed, fed him somniloquys until nights
peeled like wallpaper, and beneath, our housebroken
failures wagged their tails.

Continuing with WR (so much good here), there’s LET ME TRY TO EXPLAIN MYSELF by Becky Fink. Finally, there Victorio Reyes’ WE, ANIMALS.

We’re always excited for a new issue of The Collagist. Here’s Marcus Pactor’s DO THE FISH:

How that life could have spiraled into my daughter, I don’t know. But my wife was gone, and Terri spent too much time in overalls. She, an eight-year old, once told me that she would “evolve into a dude.” That’s when I retired from the back porch. I returned with a whiskey sour and a pink note card, from which I read platitudes on the topic of dads loving their girls as is. She wasn’t having that lameness. She meant to be otherwise.

Big Lucks published this new story by Faith Gardner, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Michael Seidlinger – friend of Sundog Lit and one of our book promotion buddies – curated this giant list of indie lit releases in 2014. Go check it out.