Friday Rex | February 28, 2014

This message is pre-recorded. We’re at AWP. Hopefully, you are as well. Either way, you still need your dose of Friday Rex, right? Right.

Here’s Russ Woods with a beautiful excerpt from SARA, OR, THE EXISTENCE OF FIRE, at Horse Less Review.

We have a big crush on Brian Oliu’s professional wrestling lyric essays. Here’s another, at Booth: YOKOZUNA AND THE CALLING OF NAMES THAT AREN’T OUR OWN.

Speaking of wrestling, W. Todd Kaneko (GAMES issue contributor) has another wrestling poem at the Museum of Americana – CRUSHER BLACKWELL SAYS THERE’S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD SEE:

I have seen men mangled by mythologies
they have invented for love, for shadows
of absent bodies.

At Dreginald, Caroline Crew & Chris Emslie have 3 poems.

DIAGRAM 14.1 is out with a new story from J.A. Tyler: OUR MOTHER, A BOOK IN HER HANDS.

Rion Amilcar Scott (Issue Two contributor) has a new, lightning-flash story over at the final issue of Fractured West – WOMEN WHO RUN WITH WOLVES.