Friday Rex | April 11, 2014

Happy Baseball Month! Welcome back to Friday Rex.

David Tomaloff has 3 poems up over at Split Lip Magazine that you should read.

Beautiful new story by Matt Fogarty this week at SmokeLong, WHITE SMOKE:

“You know he went to the balcony. Popes don’t go to the balcony, but Karol went to the balcony. Said these things about there’s no such thing as a faraway land. All of us, all the people, one land in communion with faith.

Amanda Miska writes relationships so very well, and always in refreshing, honest ways. Here’s TREADING WATER from StoryChord. The story has a cool song/soundtrack from dream pop band, The Mites, too. Check it out.

The first sentence in Michael Rowe’s RED DISH, in Juked, is a great one, and the story just burns (no pun intended) bright from there.

Michael Nye reads his BEAUTY IN THE AGE OF CHAOS AND SAVAGERY over at the Kenyon Review and Caitlin Horrocks talks about why the KR editors chose to publish the story.

Over at Apt, Ryan Dilbert has this new poem, IF YOU STARE LONG ENOUGH, EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE A HEART.

The always-lovely Sommer Browning has 3 poems, all entitled RUE DAGUERRE, at Hyperallergic.

The Millions has this cool essay on the intersection of video games and literature this week. Read this, for real.

That’s a good list of Friday reads today. Have a beautiful weekend, y’all.