Friday Rex | April 18, 2014

Your taxes should be done by now, so why not relax with some of this week’s best reads?

Ghost Proposal puts out some sleek, lovely issues and #4 is no different. Here’s Laura Kochman’s SAND MAP. GAMES contributor Dillon J. Welch also has these erasures of Jewel poems in the new issue.

Gina Myers’s poem, TODAY, went up at The Rumpus.

There’s a new issue of JMWW out and it’s huge. Here’s Daniel Enjay Wong’s WATER:

My mother sees doctors for things to eat because the sickness in her body is always hungry. Her lungs are like an empty house, and every burglar has the key. That’s how a doctor first explained it to me. He squatted at my level as I pushed colorful beads around the metal track of a waiting room toy. In my small hands, the beads were like wooden apples. I was building a train. The doctor nudged a blue bead to meet my train head-on and they clicked together, stopping.

 Jellyfish TEN has some great poems in it & here’s Carleen Tibbetts’ JAMES DEAN TRANSCENDS THE INFINITE LACK:

Their eyes meet in projector starlight 
as the docent drones, 
“destroyed as we began, in a burst of gas and fire.” 
Her boyfriend slashes his tires 

and they knife-fight in front of a giant telescope.

Also from the issue, Daniela Olszewska has a little poem from Thirteenz.

Anna Rose Welch has a poem in the new Guernica and it’s beautiful: canaries, bones, arks, dirt: THIS IS HOW YOU BEG.

An SDL favorite, Matt Bell, has a small fairy tale at Cheap POP, called DRESS UP.

It’s easy to fill up a FR post with poems during National Poetry Month when there’s so much great work appearing constantly. Here’s Jane Wong with two beautiful poems Four Way Review.

Kimberly Ann Southwick (Issue Four contributor) has a new poem, EXERCISES IN BREATHING, at the Rumpus.

The new issue of Corium is up and here are TWO POEMS by Joshua Young (one of which is about Nebraska, so)!

And, finally, there’s a new issue of The Collagist with an expanded poetry section for National Poetry Month.