Friday Rex | May 2, 2014

Welcome back to Friday Rex. Did you miss us? Prime real estate here this week.

First, there’s a new issue of Squalorly out and it contains Ashley Strosnider’s MY SHADOW WAS A MERMAID NAMED MONICA. Also, there are 4 very short stories by James Tadd Adcox, tons of poetry, and great nonfiction.

Speaking of new issues, there are new volumes of Phantom Limb and Nighblock as well. In Phantom Limb, Gina Keicher’s BEING THE BOY has great music in these beautiful lines. Also in the issue: EJ Koh’s KALEIDOSCOPE. Here’re Ross Robbins’ 4 new poems from MENTAL HOSPITAL: A MEMOIR, at Nighblock. Also, in the issue, Laura Eve Engel has a poem, IN PRAISE OF WAITING FOR THE PHONE TO RING IS NO LONGER SOMETHING WE SAY.

Juliet Escoria (whose new book, BLACK CLOUD, is out NOW from Civil Coping Mechanisms) has 2 NEW POEMS at The Quietus:

If I had a rope for a tongue, would you swing from it
and leap from me into the water,
or would you rather wrap it around your neck, kick the chair, and dangle

 The May 2014 issue of Thrush is live and there’s Carleen Tibbetts’ YOU MAY BORROW A REVOLVER AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE and Anne Barngrover’s THE WAITING GIRL SWEATS OUT A FEVER, among many others.

Shane Jones is here with THE COW IN THE LAKE in the new Diagram. Also, Amy Wright has this really cool piece in the new issue, ONE ART, ANY NUMBER OF WORKS.

So many great things this week! See you soon.