Announcing: Issue 8 (PRINT ISSUE) w/ Contest Winners & Chapbook Feature

With Issue 8 of Sundog Lit, we will be launching our first print issue. From October 1 – January 1, we will accept submissions for this special print issue. In addition to the fiction, nonfiction, and poetry we normally love, we will also publish a single chapbook (of either fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or some hybrid creation) in the issue and the winners of the 1st Annual Sundog Lit Contest Series in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

See our contest announcement for guidelines, judges, and details.

Issue 8 Chapbook:

We are looking for work at the margins, work that challenges the status quo. Experiments in form and convention are encouraged. We are especially interested in linked flash fiction, thematic poetry.

Chapbooks should be 25-40 pages in length. Submissions in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry will also be open from October 1st to January 1st, 2015.

Individual pieces from the chapbook may have appeared elsewhere, as long as the manuscript as a whole is previously unpublished. We may accept chapbooks slightly over 40 pages, but they must be exceptional in order to be considered.

The chosen chapbook’s author will receive 2 copies of Issue 8 and may buy additional copies at cost.