Sundog Updates

Dear Cherished Writers and Readers,

We’ve missed you! We’re writing to say hello! It’s been quiet over here at Sundog these last few months, and we’d like to share with you now some of the why.

Firstly, our wonderful Managing Editor Laura Citino has decided to move onto other projects that will enrich her writing and her commitment to her local community. Throughout her three years of editorial leadership, as both Fiction Editor and later Managing Editor, Laura published powerful voices and steered the magazine into an engaging social presence with its authors and readers. Her tenure at the magazine is precious to the current staff, and we are forever grateful to her. We wish her so many wonderful events in her career and creation.

Secondly, we are pleased to share with you that regular submissions in all genres will reopen on March 1st. We have committed to following an annual calendar, and we look forward to the consistency and balance this will bring to our workloads and our relationship with you.

Finally, we would like to direct you to our updated “About Us” section as we believe it embodies our lasting commitment to inclusivity and beauty.

We look forward to reading you very soon.


The Sundog Lit Editors