2018 Best of the Net Nominees

We are thrilled to announce our 2018 Best of the Net nominees. Please join us in reading these texts again and again and in cheering on their creators.


Keith Woodruff’s “Suspect Healing

Melissa Goodrich and Dana Diehl’s “The Janitor’s Stars


Rosie Huf’s “Can Iron Catch Flame?

Maggie Nye’s “Slender Sickness


Shaina Monet’s “Madame Marguerite Joséphine Jean-Louis Pierry (f.w.c.)

Rachel Mindell’s “Soup

Greg Rappleye’s “Bull Thistle

torrin a. greathouse & Linette Reeman’s “Epigenesis: A Lineage in Two Voices

Kelly Grace Thomas’ “Synopsis on Drought

Todd Dillard’s “My Father’s Feet