Contributor Q+A with Abigail Oswald


Abigail Oswald’s story “A Brief Outline of Your Sister’s Disappearance” appeared in Issue 15 of Sundog Lit. She holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and currently resides in Connecticut. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Anomaly, Fugue, Hobart, Matchbook, Necessary Fiction, Split Lip, and elsewhere. 

What is something you’re fascinated with at the moment?
I just did a deep dive into fangirlhood for a story I was working on. Lately I’m obsessed with obsession, mysterious disappearances, and Tom Cruise.

Describe the last thing you read in five words.
Ah yes, Giovanni’s Room: James Baldwin Made Me Cry.

Coffee, tea, or neither?
Absolutely both! Coffee for clarity, and tea for the ritual of making it.

Physical books or e-books?
Physical. My local library was doing contactless delivery during the shutdown. True heroes.

What are you working on now?
A novel about female friendship, unsolved mysteries, familial betrayal, unlikely detectives, and returning to childhood trauma as an adult.

Any recommendations for readers, i.e. books, movies, television, art, anything under the sun?
I’m fascinated with late-90s/early-00s snapshots of technology, back when we were just beginning to imagine how the internet might affect our relationships. Pulse, a horror movie in which ghosts invade the real world through the internet (note: not the remake!), and Jezebel, a slow-burning slice of life about a camgirl coming into her own, are two movies I adore that touch on this idea.

Keep up with Abigail by checking out her website,, or by giving her a follow on Twitter: @thefirstabigail. You can also read more great work from Issue 15 by clicking here. Until next time!