2021 Editor’s Prizes

This year, we are excited to offer editor’s prizes to acknowledge a few of the pieces that were published in issues 18 and 19. Of course, we love all the writing that went into each issue, but below are the six pieces the editors chose to honor with a $100 dollar prize. We hope to continue this tradition next year in some way, too. Thanks again to all our contributors, and submitters, and readers, and followers for allowing us to continue doing what we love!

2021 Editor’s Prize Winners
(Listed in alphabetical order)
• “Everything Matters” | Allie Dokus | Fiction
• “The Sacred Disease” | Melissa Fraterrigo | Creative Nonfiction
• “My Brother Doesn’t Show Me His Head” | Lauren Lavin | Creative Nonfiction
• “The Night My Father Died, I Almost Believed in God” | Megan Neville | Poetry
• “Grindr for Seniors” | Scott Pomfret | Fiction
• “Omen” | Grace Q. Song | Poetry